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Caffeine Medium Gauge Antioxident Very High Gauge

Description: A great muscatel variety organic Darjeeling tea plucked from the high elevation china bushes of this prestigious plantation of Darjeeling. In local language in Darjeeling the term "Kakra Musk" means a muscatel variety tea made from the most dehydrated leafs and shoots. This awesome batch of tea is sorted small in size and releases a delicious sweet aroma of rich caramel, pine leafs and sweet jaggery. When steeped for complete 5 minutes this delicious tea releases golden orange liquor in the cup. Every sip reminds of exotic fresh fruits and leaves an unique and delicious hint of pine leafs, fresh spices and a sweet muscatel aroma on the palate as an aftertaste.


Growing Region/Country: Darjeeling/India


Brewing: 3g (2 level teaspoons) per 8oz cup of boiling filtered water. Brew 3-5 minutes. Add milk and sweeten if you wish.


30g/10 cups: $6.00 - Quantity