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  • Apricot Flavored Black Tea
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  • Apricot Flavored Black Tea

Buy Apricot Black Tea

SKU: 253 UPC: 4009636010663


Caffeine Medium Gauge Antioxident High Gauge Makes Great Iced Tea


Description: This is a true classic black tea blend reinvented. A mild, slightly smoky and full bodied China/Ceylon blend was enabled by a delectable apricot aroma, which will invigorate your senses. The rich decoration of glowing yellow marigold blossoms and juicy mango flakes is fit to make your mouth water in anticipation. A staple for every tea assortment! Ingredients: black tea (94 %), mango flakes, flavoring, marigold blossoms.


Growing Region/Country: China


Brewing: 3g (1 level teaspoon) per 6-8oz cup of filtered water at 203-212 degrees. Brew 4-5 minutes. Sweeten if you wish.


60g/20 cups: $7.00 - Quantity