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Buy Ginger Peach Green Tea

SKU: 257 UPC: 4009636007991


Caffeine Low Gauge Antioxident Medium Gauge Makes Great Iced Tea


Description: We have combined the invigorating spiciness of ginger with the tempting sweetness of ripe peaches to form this highly promising new addition to our assortment. A must for any ginger lover and definitely worth a try for those who always thought ginger a bit too heavy for their liking. This tea will surely change your mind. Ingredients: green tea, flavoring, marigold blossoms, roman camomile.


Growing Region/Country: Japan/USA


Brewing: 3g (1 level teaspoon) per 6-8oz cup of filtered water at 176-194 degrees. Brew 2-3 minutes. Sweeten if you wish.


60g/20 cups: $8.00 - Quantity