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  • Pistachio Date Tea
  • Dates and Nutes on wood Table
  • Shelled Pistachios in a pile
  • Velvet Valley Tea Estate
  • Bright Green Pistachios in Shells

Buy Pistachio Date Tea

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Caffeine Low Gauge Antioxident Low Gauge Makes Great Iced Tea


Description: The star leads the way to this holiday delicacy, which will make your mouth water in anticipation. This special something is brought about by sweet date pieces in combination with the pistachios and planed almonds while the rose petals mark the optic highlight. The delicate Creamy and Nutty flavors of a tempting Pistachio-vanilla praline make this amazing creation complete.


Growing Region/Country: Germany


Brewing: 3g (1-2 level teaspoon) per 6-8oz cup of filtered boiling water. Brew 5-10 minutes. Sweeten to highlight the complete infusion.


60g/20 cups: $7.00 - Quantity