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Buy Bergamot Vanilla White Tea

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Caffeine Low Gauge Antioxident High Gauge Makes Great Iced Tea


Description: Formerly on a black tea base, Noble Monk's Blend springs to life on a white tea base. The incredibly Enchanting aroma of Bergamot (used in Earl Grey) and Vanilla finds a perfect match on this soft white tea. This tea steeps to a delicate, smooth, golden Liquor elveloped in a sweet floral fragrance. Allow this tea to lull you into a relaxing trance.


Growing Region/Country: China


Brewing: 3g (1 level teaspoon) per 6-8oz cup of filtered 176 to 194 degree water. Brew 2-3 minutes. Sweeten to highlight the complete infusion.


60g/20 cups: $10.00 - Quantity