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Caffeine Low Gauge Antioxident Low Gauge Makes Great Iced Tea


Description: And now the classical and widely appreciated berry dessert with a creamy topping. Some also like it with vanilla cream on top. We have, however, stuck to the traditional recipe. Thus, only the right fruits were used! Delicious and full in taste, it is already described above, under the name of its counterpart without cream. Ingredients: elderberries, grapes, hibiscus blossoms, flavoring, freeze-dried blackberries, freeze-dried raspberries and sour cherry pieces, black currant.


Growing Region/Country: China


Brewing: 3g (1 level teaspoon) per 6-8oz cup of filtered boiling water. Brew 10-12 minutes. Sweeten to highlight the complete infusion.


60g/20 cups: $7.00 - Quantity